Who can use Penny Souq?

Who can use Penny Souq?

Any buyer or purchaser registered in Saudi Arabia can use Penny Souq to source any items.

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    • What is Souq Penny?

      Penny Souq is a B2B procurement marketplace that connects buyers directly with manufacturers and principle suppliers in KSA.
    • With whom I deal at Souq Penny?

      Your relationship is direct with the supplier, and Panny enables you to organize and manage this relationship, Penny is not an intermediary, and the connection is 100% End to End.
    • How does the procurement process work at Souq Penny?

      Register & select product ⇒ Send RFQs/ POs ⇒ Compare & negotiate ⇒ Delivery & payments.
    • What are the payments options in Penny Souq?

      As of now, we offer two payment methods, either Sadad Service or Direct bank transfer.
    • Why should I buy at Souq Penny?

      Souq Penny is your one-stop procurement hub with over 300,000 products and hundreds of suppliers. Buy directly or send RFQs to suppliers. Souq Penny offers a wide variety of office supplies, electronics, Building materials, Hardware, tools, and HVAC ...