ADD to RFQ: 

RFQ: Request for Quotation is where the buyer asks for a price for their order.  
To add proudest to RFQ click on ACTIONS button in the desired items, then Add to RFQ. Check the example in the below picture.

Then the item will be added to the RFQ cart, and a confirmation message will appear saying “RFQ cart successfully updated“ 

Click on the My RFQs, the one next to the cart icon on the top right of the page.

My RFQs page contains the following sections:
  1. RFQ Drafts: where all drafted and not-submitted RFQs orders are listed.  
  2. RFQs Submitted: It has all submitted RFQs.
  3. Offers Received: Has all Received offers from the suppliers.
  4. All RFQs: All RFQs (offered, Submitted, and Drafted

RFQ Drafts

All the new and not-submitted RFQs will be listed here. As is shown in the picture below the name of a supplier who provided the product in the request will be shown at the top of the page. 

Two actions could be performed on this request which is Delete or Send RFQ.  If the buyer chose the latter, they can process to fill in the following fields:

  • Delivery location. 

  • Request Title (Optional)

  • Get a quote within (expiry date of RFQ)

  • Set the Quantity 

  • Add Remarks (Optional)

  • Upload Attachment (Optional)

Delivery location

Select the delivery location from the saved locations in the drop-down menu.  If the buyer wants to add a new location they need to go to the Locations page, and create a new one there then come back to this page again.

Request Title (Optional)

The title of the RFQ order could be the name of the project, department’s name, Internal PR number, or anything that can identify the request for you.

Get a quote within

In this field, select the maximum date to receive the offer. This means if the customer for example submits the offer on 27, February and selected 6th, March from the drop-down calendar,  They stated that they want to receive the Quote during this period of time, after the 6th of March the request will expire and the supplier can’t send any Quote. By default, this date is within a week from the request.

Set the Quantity 

The buyer can decide the quantity of the products they want to request by clicking on + and -  under QTY.  The default number is decided by the supplier. 

Add Remarks (Optional) 

The user can add any remarks they want for the vendor by writing them under Add Remarks section. 

Upload Attachment (Optional)

 Buyers can upload any attachment by clicking on the UPLOAD button. 

After making sure everything is correct, click on the SEND RFQ button at the bottom of the page.

A confirmation page will appear, it will show the summary of the request for the buyer to review their order.  Click on the Confirm button if all the information is correct. 

A confirmation message will appear saying “RFQ successfully sent! Awaiting for supplier confirmation).  After submitting the RFQ order, click on the RFQs Submitted tap. 

Delete RFQ Drafts

If the buyer decided to delete the drafted RFQ and doesn’t wish to submit it.  All they need to do is to click on the trash icon at the right side of the page or click on the Delete button at the bottom of the page. There are two icons. Any option of those will delete the drafted request.  A message will appear saying “All Items successfully removed from RFQ Cart”. 

RFQs Submitted

All the submitted RFQs will be listed here.  As is shown in the picture below, all the important information about the RFQs will be displayed as well.  Information such as Date & Time, RFQ No., Supplier’s name, Request Title, Delivery Location, and the Status.  If there are many RFQs the buyer can filter by the Date to find the order they are looking for.

To access the submitted RFQ and check its details click on RFQ No.

If the buyer wishes to cancel the request for any reason they can click on Actions at the top right of the page and click on Cancel RFQ.  

A small window will appear asking to write the reasons for the cancellation.  It is optional to write the reasons or select from the drop-down list Select Your Reason.  In the example below, the option “Change of mind” was selected from the drop-down list.  The reason will be added to the Remarks section. 

RFQ status will change from RFQ Submitted to RFQ Canceled.  

Moreover, if the buyer wants to send a reminder to the supplier, all they need is to click on Actions, Send Reminder. 

Offers Received

All the received offers from the suppliers will be listed in this section.  By clicking on the desired RFQ No., it will open a new page that has the offer details. 

As is shown in the picture above, the supplier has a set of a few things such as Shipping terms, Payment preferences, ETA, Unit price, and of course the tax.  Tax (15%) will be applied automatically even if the supplier hasn’t set it. 

Here in the Remarks and Upload Attachments fields, both the supplier and customer have their sections to write or upload attachments.  In this example above, nothing was added.

Many actions could be performed on this offer by clicking on the Action button at the right of the page.  The actions are:

  1.        Accept & Place Order
  2.       Reject Offer
  3.       Send for Revision
  4.       See History
  5.       Print

Accept & Place Order

If the customer wishes to accept the offer, all they have to do is to either click on Actions, Accept & Place Order.  Or click on the Accept button at the bottom of the page.  Both methods work and a message will appear saying “ RFQ moved successfully to Orders''. 

 A confirmation message will appear asking "You did not add any remarks or attachments, are you sure you want to continue?" click on Continue button. 

Now the RFQ order has moved to the Orders page, further details will be explained here

Reject Offer

The buyer could reject the offer for any reason.  They can perform this by either clicking on Actions, Reject Offer, or by clicking on the Reject button at the bottom of the page.

A small window will appear asking to write or select from the drop-down list the reason for the rejection.

A message will be displayed saying “Offer successfully rejected”.

Send for Revision

When the customer does not like something in the received offer, they can send the offer for revision.  Click on Actions, Send for Revision.

The customer should enter remarks if they wish to send for revision, or they will got a message saying "Please add remarks before sending for revision"

So first write in the Remarks section, then click on Actions, Send for Revision.

A small window will display asking if the customer wish to change RFQ expiry date, they could change it or choose the same expiry date.  Then, click on Continue button.

A message will appear saying “Revision successfully sent! Awaiting for supplier response.

See History 

In this action, the buyer could see all the actions that have been performed on this offer.  By clicking on Actions, See History.

A small page will appear on the right side of the page, and it has all actions that have been performed and their details.  For example, if a customer sends many revisions, and wants to check the date and details of them they can by clicking on the revision name.


Penny Souq allows all the buyers to print the offers by clicking on Actions, print.

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