Requests (Professional)

1. Requests (Without Approval):

This section will assume completion of previous sections as it is necessary to have a vendor, a product and a workspace. This section will cover the following:


  1. Requests.
  2. E-source (RFQ).
  1. Vendor Quotations
  2. Negotiations
  1. Orders
  2. GRN
  3. Bills
  4. Payments

The workflow follows this structure (without approval layer):

Request -> E-source -> Vendor Quotation -> Order -> GRN -> Bill -> Payment

The first step is requests which can be accessed by clicking on “Requests” in the left side-panel. The request module should show the following:

To create a request, click on the  in the top right corner

Create a request for a product by clicking on the Products & Services Request button.

1.1 Request Info:

Start by filling in the fields, giving a descriptive name for the request, assigning it a priority based on need, selecting the workspace that the request relates to, its delivery location, date and finally any remarks wished to be added for the approver (if exists). Furthermore, supporting documents can be included by clicking on the  button

Once completed, click on the  button

1.2 Add Products & Services:

In this step, the products can be selected in two ways, the first is selecting a product within the catalogue that is accessible to the user. The second is to add an item manually by clicking on and filling in the item’s details. This can be helpful if the item doesn’t exist in the organization’s catalogue

1.2.1 Add item manually:

To manually add an item, click on the  button and this form should open:

Please fill the respective fields by supplying the desired item’s details.

Once the information is filled, click on the  button, and it should appear in the list as shown below

Next, add an item via the catalogues, click on  button to return to the catalogues. 

1.2.2 Add item via catalogue:

To add an item from the catalogues, click on the desired catalogue. The form should update and show the categories contained within the catalogue as shown:

Keep on clicking on the categories and subcategories till we reach the item we require

To add to the list, click on  that corresponds to the item desired  to be requested and it should appear in the right side panel. 

NOTE: multiple items can be added from different categories by clicking on the “< Back” button at the top left corner of the page, and navigating through the categories again. 

In the request list, the quantity can be changed by clicking on the “+” sign to add, the “-” sign to subtract, or change the value directly by clicking on the quantity amount. 

Once the list is completed, click on the  button to continue.

1.3 Review & Submit:

Here, the request can be reviewed to ensure all the information is correct

After confirming the information, click on  

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