Vendor Account

Vendor Account

Access Vendor Profile 

To access the Vendor account in penny platform, click on the following link: We will send the email and the password to the supplier authorized person’s email. 

Changing the sent password to a new one by clicking on the forgot password is preferred. Enter the vendor email address, then click on Send Security Code. We will send the security code to the registered email address. 

1. Action Board 

After logging into the Vendor account, this page will appear to the vendor. The Action Board and the total number of pending actions that need the supplier's attention.  

Action Board page contains all the actions that need the supplier’s attention:
  1. Received RFQs.

  2. Received Orders.

  3. Delivery Notes.

  4. Received Payment.

These actions have their own details page on the bar at the left side of the page.  We will explain each page in detail later on. 

2. Vendor Profile

To edit the vendor details, click on the vendor’s name or image at the top right of the page and then open my profile.  See the picture below.

After changing anything on this page, click on Save Changes. 

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      Click on the Register tab on the home page, enter company details along with your regular legal data such as CR/ VAT/ and National address, and done. Our team will verify and approve your account.
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      Please check our Help center and raise a ticket if you did not find your answer there or chat with us via the chatbox.
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