Received Orders

Received Orders

Received Orders

On the Received Orders page, all the direct purchase and accepted RFQ orders will be listed here. 

Same as the RFQ orders page, Purpled marked order means Pending order, Green means Submitted order, and Red means rejected order.

Accepting Orders

To view the pending orders click on the order number, it will open a new page with the order details.

If the supplier wishes to accept the order, all they need to do is to click on Accept Order button.  A confirmation message will display saying “Success Order Accepted”

After submitting the order, it will move from Pending order to Submitted order. 


When the supplier does not wish to accept the order, they can easily reject it by clicking on Reject Order.  

They need to write the reasons for rejecting the order, or an error message will display saying “Comments Please provide a reason for rejecting the order”.  

After writing the reasons in the Comments section, click on Reject Order.

After rejecting the order successfully, a message will show saying “ Success Order Rejected”.

The picture above is an example of an order canceled from the customer side.  They wrote the reason for cancellation in the Remarks section. 

Another example, this one is for accepting Direct Purchase Order. As is shown in the picture above, there is a pending order. By clicking on it, it will show the details page of the order.

As shown in the picture above, this order has delivery charges.  This means it meets the vendor’s shipping fees preference.  Click on Accept Order button to process with the order.

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