Manual Request

Manual Request

Manual Request 

If you don’t find the item you are looking for or you have a big list of items, Penny Souq can help you saving your time with “Manual Request”. To request manually from Penny Souq, click on the Request Manually button at the top right corner beside the customer’s name. 

This page will appear after clicking on the Request Manually.   Request Title and Description are optional but it is preferred to fill them.  Request Details (products list) is a mandatory field that the customer needs to upload the RFQ list in any format(PDF, Excel sheet or pictures) they prefer.  After uploading the file, they need to click on Submit button.  

A message will appear after submitting the request successfully.  Penny allows the customer to download their request in PDF format If they wish to review the request.  By clicking on Download your request in PDF.  Once Penny’s team receives the request, they will review and work on it and contact the requester with the list ready to be sent as an RFQ immediately to the supplier.

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    • Who can use Penny Souq?

      Any buyer or purchaser registered in Saudi Arabia can use Penny Souq to source any items.
    • What is Souq Penny?

      Penny Souq is a B2B procurement marketplace that connects buyers directly with manufacturers and principle suppliers in KSA.
    • RFQ

      ADD to RFQ:  RFQ: Request for Quotation is where the buyer asks for a price for their order.   To add proudest to RFQ click on ACTIONS button in the desired items, then Add to RFQ. Check the example in the below picture. Then the item will be added ...
    • With whom I deal at Souq Penny?

      Your relationship is direct with the supplier, and Panny enables you to organize and manage this relationship, Penny is not an intermediary, and the connection is 100% End to End.
    • Create an Account

      Create an Account  To use Penny Souq for your procurement, you need to have an account. For new users, click on Register and fill in all the necessary fields. As shown in the pictures below: Register There are two ways to register to Penny Souq, ...