Goods Delivery Notes (GDN)

Goods Delivery Notes (GDN)

Goods Delivery Notes (GDN)

Delivery Notes (GDN) will be created for the RFQ orders once the customer and vendor both accept the offer. On the other hand, GDN will be created for Direct Purchase Order and Before Payment for RFQ once the customer pays the invoice. 

To create and submit GDN, click on Delivery Notes on the left-side menu.

As it shows in the picture above, there are a few pending GDNs, the supplier hasn’t created and sent them yet.  By clicking on the desired order, it will open a detailed page about the order.

Creating GDN is to confirm the delivery of the order. Penny Software allows the supplier to determine the number of delivered items under Delivering Now. In the example above, the customer requested 4 items of this product, and the supplier confirmed the same number by clicking on the Submit button. 

There are other cases where the supplier may deliver less than the requested number, they could create multiple GDN for each delivery. Taking the example above, if the vendor delivers 2 items out of 4, they should create GDN for the 2 delivered items. 

Once the supplier clicks on Submit button, Delivered QTY will change from 0 to 2.  This means the supplier has shipped 2 items. 

Then, once they deliver the remaining items, which is 2, they create another GDN for them by clicking on the Submit button.  The Delivered QTY now becomes 4 which is the same as the Ordered QTY. A confirmation message will appear on the screen “GDN Updated Successfully”.

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    • What is Souq Penny?

      Penny Souq is a B2B procurement marketplace that connects buyers directly with manufacturers and principle suppliers in KSA.
    • Who can use Penny Souq?

      Any buyer or purchaser registered in Saudi Arabia can use Penny Souq to source any items.
    • How does the procurement process work at Souq Penny?

      Register & select product ⇒ Send RFQs/ POs ⇒ Compare & negotiate ⇒ Delivery & payments.
    • With whom I deal at Souq Penny?

      Your relationship is direct with the supplier, and Panny enables you to organize and manage this relationship, Penny is not an intermediary, and the connection is 100% End to End.