E-Source (E-Source)

  1. E-source (RFQ): 

Once a request has been submitted and approved, it will move to the E-source module, In E-source we are able to send RFQs (Request for Quotation) to all the registered vendors, once the quotations has been received, the offer can be accepted, rejected, and even negotiated, all within the E-source module. 

To begin, Click on E-source from the left side panel

As shown, a request has been made to the E-source module. Proceed by clicking on the request number to start the RFQ process for that particular request. 

This page shows the products requested. 

Note: in the user added vendors and prices to the product created. Whenever that specific product is ordered, Penny will automatically select the added vendors to send RFQs to. 

Assuming that there are additional vendors that need to be registered after product creation, start by clicking the checkbox next to the product, or the checkbox next to “Product/Service Description” to check all products. Once done, click  on the right should turn from grey to yellow

Now, click on  a side window would appear as shown.

Now click on the  button corresponding to the wanted vendor 

Once done adding all the vendors you require, click 

As shown in the image below, all the vendors that were added appeared in the vendor column.

Now, send the RFQs by clicking on 

This section allows checking on the due dates, contact information, adding comments for the vendors and upload documents via  

Once satisfied, click 

The form has been updated with a table that displays each vendor in its own column.

Note: Please note that the RFQ section is now collapsed; however it is still accessible in case there are more RFQs to be sent to new vendors. This section can expand it by clicking on “Requested Products & Services” 

1.1 Vendor’s view:

This section does not require interaction from the user, it simply shows the process that vendors go through to gain a better understanding of the application.

The process begins when the vendor receives an email informing them of the RFQ as shown below:

And this is the portal the vendor is directed to, once the vendor clicks on “Submit your quote”:

In the vendor portal, they can submit prices, payment terms, taxes, ETA for the delivery, shipping terms, shipping fees and remarks back to the buyers. Once the RFQ process is completed, the E-source table is updated to contain the vendor’s current offers. 

1.1.2: Offer Table:

In the offers table the following can be done:

  1. Accept/Decline an offer made by a vendor
  2. Negotiate the offer terms and prices with the vendor.
  3. View the history of negotiations 
  4. Compare offers
  5. Send reminders to vendors.
  6. Update offers offline manually

Start by clicking on the  button on the right side of the page to check if a vendor has submitted a quotation. Send Reminders: 

Since one of the vendors has submitted a quotation, there are two options. First, to work with the offer received, or wait for the other vendors to submit their offers. A reminder can be sent to each vendor by clicking on the vendor column, then click on “Send Reminder”

Now a reminder has been sent to all other vendors.

Click on  again to check all new offers, and move along through the process by selecting the best offer. Penny, by default automatically selects the best offer available depending on the lower price. If there’s another offer that seems more suitable (due to faster delivery for example) it can be manually selected by clicking on the offer price that corresponds to the vendor column as shown. Negotiation:

In case the faster delivery option was selected, the offer can be negotiated on the price of the item by clicking on the vendor that corresponds to the offer selected, and then clicking on “Negotiate”. This should add a negotiation column. 

In the negotiation column, the values for each term of the offer along with the price can be manually edited by clicking directly on them

Once the negotiation is done. Click on the Negotiate column, then click on “Submit Negotiation”

A negotiation side window should open, and in it, we can double check to confirm our negotiation terms. 

Click on   to submit the negotiation to the vendor.

Click on  to check if the vendor has responded to our counter offer. Once the vendor responds, the offer will change in the offers table view. Accepting an offer:

With the offer updated, select the lowest ETA offer again

Now, click on the vendor column and accept the offer by clicking on “Accept Offer” in the vendor column

In the accept offer window, a remark can be added, which will be displayed along with the RFQ offer in the order module.

Once satisfied with the offer, click on  

Now the accepted offer has passed to the Orders module.

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