Do I need to download and install penny software on my computer or mobile?

Do I need to download and install penny software on my computer or mobile?

No our application is web-based and is available on the cloud, plus its very easy to configure
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    • Do my vendors need to download penny to send me quotes?

      No there is no need to have vendors download penny, they will receive a web link (url) to their emails or WhatsApp where they can submit their offers
    • Can penny be connected to my existing software?

      Yes, penny is integrable with many software available in the market. We have developed an out of the box integration toolkit that can work with any software that is enabled with integration API. 
    • Will penny software be connected to the marketplace?

      Yes, as a penny software user you will have access to our B2B marketplace and you will be able to order and source from the vendors listed there and view the list of products
    • Does your software include a payment gateway?

      As it stands, our software offers full management of your procurement cycle from request to pay, however we do not offer the option to pay through the software yet. However, we have plans to avail several payments options like Credit Cards, Mada and ...
    • Can I use penny to store my data?

      Yes, penny can be used to store all of your data such as your products, orders and vendors. Additionally, penny can be used to classify and organise your data in a presentable format and share it with the team inside your organization.