Delivery & Received

Delivery & Received

Delivery & Received 

On this page, customers will submit the GRN which will inform the supplier that they received the products.  

The Status column shows the status of the delivery if it is Pending or Received 100%.  The delivery could be pending in three cases: either the shipment has not been delivered yet, the customer hasn’t submitted the GRN, or the customer needs to pay first to receive the order.  Once the customer submitted that he received the order it will be marked as Received 100%.

The Received Status of the example above is Received 0%, which means that the products haven't been shipped yet.  Looking at Payment term type will tell why.   It is because the payment is Before Delivery, so the order will be shipped after the customer pays the bill.  Once they pay and submit the GRN, the Received Status will change to Received 100%.

The supplier shipped the order and sent GDN, the customer will be able to submit the GRN.  After making sure the quantity they ordered is the same as the one they received.  All they need to do is to click on the
Accept button at the bottom of the page. 

Now the Receiving Status is Received 100%. 

In the example above, this customer has ordered 4 items of this product, but only 2 of them have been shipped and received.  They will pay only for these 2 items, and the rest will be paid after they are shipped and received by the customer.   More will be explained on the Bills & Payments page.

After submitting the GRN, the Status will be Received 50%. 

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