Create an Account

Create an Account

Create an Account 

To use Penny Souq for your procurement, you need to have an account. For new users, click on Register and fill in all the necessary fields. As shown in the pictures below:


There are two ways to register to Penny Souq, either with your Google account (if your company uses Google Workspace) or by registering manually using your business email. For those registering manually, you must fill in all the necessary fields, listed below:

  1. First Name

  2. Last Name

  3. Email (work email)

  4. Password (create a new password)

  5. Mobile number 

  6. Entity Name (Company Name)

  7. CR Number (Commercial Registration No.)

  8. City

  9. Country and Currency (preselected and cannot be changed since Penny Souq is only available in Saudi Arabia for now)

After filling in all the information, check the box found next to the following statement “I accept the Terms and Conditions to become a customer at”. Then click on Register. A confirmation message will appear on the screen. 


Signing into Penny Souq is simple. You have two options, you can either sign in with your email address or with your Google account (if that is what you registered to Penny Souq with). Enter your email address and password if you chose the former option. Or click on “Sign in with Google” and choose the account you registered with to the platform. Then click on “Sign-in Securely”.

Forgot Password 

To change the password, click on the “Forgot Password?” button, a pop-up window is going to appear asking you to enter your email address. Once entered it, a security code will be sent to your email, as well as a new pop-up window asking you to enter the security code you’ve received. Once the code has been entered, a new window will pop up, allowing you to set up a new password. 

A message will appear indicating that the security code has been sent to the user’s email.

Ensure the password is at least 6 characters and contains one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, and no special characters.

After logging-in successfully to Penny Souq, the user will be able to access their profile and edit it, perform direct purchase orders, or Request for Quotation (RFQ). 

Edit Customer Profile 

To edit the user’s profile select the user name and a drop-down menu will appear. Select My Profile.  

As shown in the picture above, the user will be able to see the total number of: 

  • RFQs

  • Orders

  • Goods Received Notes (GRNs)

  • Bills

  • Payments

  • Payment Methods

  • Delivery Locations

The value of the above fields will appear as zero until the user makes an initial transaction. The user can edit information by clicking on Edit Profile. To customize the profile picture, select the pen appearing on the bottom right of the avatar. 

After editing, select Save Changes. If you don’t wish to change any information, select Undo Changes.

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      Penny Souq is a B2B procurement marketplace that connects buyers directly with manufacturers and principle suppliers in KSA.
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      Any buyer or purchaser registered in Saudi Arabia can use Penny Souq to source any items.
    • How can I open an account?

      Click on the Register tab on the home page, enter company details along with your regular legal data such as CR/ VAT/ and National address, and done. Our team will verify and approve your account.
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    • I'm having trouble accessing my account; what should I do?

      Please check our Help center and raise a ticket if you did not find your answer there or chat with us via the chatbox.