On the Orders page, all the submitted and drafted orders will be listed here.  The orders page contains all the accepted RFQ and Direct Purchase Orders.  

The orders page contains the following sections:

  1. Order Drafts
  2. Orders Submitted
  3. Orders Confirmed
  4. All Orders

To add the product to the order cart, click on the Add to Order button after choosing the desired product. 

A message will appear saying “ Order Cart successfully updated”.  To process the order click on the Order cart at the top right of the page.

Order Drafts

The unsubmitted order will be added to this section.  Same as RFQs drafts this page as well will contain the name of the supplier who sells this product. 
Order draft page contains the following fields to be filled:
  • Delivery Location

  • Request Title

  • Set the Quantity

  • Add Remarks

  • Upload Attachment. 

Delivery Location 

Select the delivery location from the saved locations in the drop-down menu.  If the buyer wants to add a new location they need to go to the Locations page, and create a new one there and come back to this page again.

Request Title (Optional) 

The title of the order could be the delivery location name, name of the project, department’s name, or anything that can identify the request.

Set the Quantity

The buyer can decide the quantity of the products they want to order by clicking on + and -  under QTY.  The default number is decided by the supplier. 

Add Remarks (Optional) 

The buyer can add any remarks they want for the vendor, by writing it under Add Remarks.

Upload Attachment (Optional) 
Buyers can upload any attachment in any format they like, by clicking on the UPLOAD button. 

To place the order, click on the Place Order button at the bottom of the page.

A confirmation page will appear, it will show the summary of the order for the buyer to review.  Click on the Send Order button to place the order. Otherwise, click on Cancel button.

Delete Order Drafts

If the buyer changes their mind and wishes to delete the order.  By clicking on the Delete Order button at the bottom of the page, or by clicking on one of the trash icons beside the product information. 

A message will appear saying “All Items Successfully removed from Order Cart”. 

Orders Submitted

All the submitted orders will be on this page along with the accepted RFQ offers.  After the RFQ offer is accepted by the customer it will move to this page.  

As it is shown in the picture the Order Status here is Awaiting confirmation.  Which means it is waiting for the supplier’s confirmation.  The order in this state can be canceled from both sides, the supplier and the customer.  


To cancel the order for any reason, click on Action, Cancel

Same as previous examples, a new window will appear asking for the reasons for the cancellation. To cancel the order, select the reason or write it in the box. Then, click on Cancel button.

The Order Status will change to Order Canceled.  Moreover, if the supplier accepts the order and the customer hasn't canceled it yet, it will move to the Order Confirmed section. 

The reason of cancelation will be written in the Remarks section.

Orders Confirmed

Once the supplier accepts the order, it will move to this section.  Now all the customer needs to do is either pay the bills or submit the GRN.  

It depends on the payment term since there are two payment terms which are:
  • Before delivery: for direct purchase orders and RFQ.  

  • After delivery: for RFQ orders only

Before Delivery

In the below example, the payment is before the delivery and a message will appear saying “ Order Confirmed! Your order is confirmed by the vendor and a bill has been generated.  Please select the payment method and pay for the further process.” Click the Go to all Bills button or click on the Bills & Payments page at the top of the page.

After Delivery

However, if the supplier has chosen the payment to be after delivery within 10 days starting from the day the customer receives the shipment.  Since the payment after delivery, a message is showing saying “Order Confirmed! Your order is confirmed but the payment is after delivery.  Please accept the GRNs for this order and process to payment.”  Click on the Go to Delivery & Received button or click on the Delivery & Received page from the top of the page.


If the customer wishes to cancel the order, they can click on Action, then select Cancel.

Then, select the reason of cancelation or write it down in the box.  After that click on Cancel button. 

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