Approvals (Professional)

1. Request To payments (With approval layers):

This section will assume completion of previous sections as it is necessary to have a vendor, a product and a workspace. This section will cover the following:


  1. Requests
  1. Approval
  1. E-source (RFQ)
  1. Vendor Quotations
  2. Negotiations
  3. Approval

  1. Orders
  1. Approval
  1. GRN
  2. Bills
  1. Approval
  1. Payments

The workflow follows this structure (with approval layer):

Request -> Approval -> E-source -> Vendor Quotation -> Approval -> Order -> Approval -> GRN -> Bill -> Approval -> Payment

Note: Approval steps are added if the workspace has assigned an approval role to a user, if not, that specific approval will be skipped. Please refer back to Workspace -> Add User -> Update Roles

Approval layers work by assigning a user to be an approver for each module (except for GRN and Payments) it works by requiring regular users to submit the order to an approver, and only if the request has been approved, it moves to the next module. Its structured as follows:

1.1 Requests module:

The process follows the same steps shown before, however at the end of the request a person is selected to approve the request from the list near the submit button, as shown.  

After successfully submitting the request, we get a message confirming that the request is sent to the user selected for approval. 

Next is the approver’s view when receiving the request for approval.

As the approver, they can either reject the request or approve the request, they can also see the request details and the user who has requested it. 

Approve the request by clicking on  

In this window, some remarks can be included (OPTIONAL), once done, click on  to advance the request to the E-source stage, where the user who has been assigned to E-source can take it from there. 

1.2 E-source:

E-source with approval layers follow the same structure as E-source without approval, however after accepting the offer, the approver may review it and approve it to advance to Orders stage. 

Here, the user responsible for submitting the RFQ (Abdullah), can see that request has made it to the E-source stage. In this section, they can process the request create an RFQ, exchange offers, and finally once the offer is satisfactory, it can submitted for approval. 

Now, the approver that was set during workspace creation/management can review the offer and either approve or reject it. 

Begin by logging into the approver user, to see how it works out. There is a yellow exclamation mark next to the vendor name whose offer got accepted by our E-source user (Abdullah) in the previous steps, as shown below. 

Click on the column arrow, then click on the Approve or Reject offer button. 

After approving or rejecting, a confirmation message of that action is received.

Now the request has successfully made it to the Orders module.

1.3 Orders:

Hopping back to user “Abdullah” the process can be continued through the Order module. 
As seen below, there is a list of approvers that can be chosen from. Select the ones that feels appropriate, and click the  button

And once more, a message that confirms that the order has been submitted for approval is received.

Next, hop back to the approver account to see the approval process for the Orders module. 

Click on the  or button to proceed. 

The order has been approved and successfully passed to the GRN module. 

1.4 GRN (No Approval layer option):

GRN (as it currently stands) does not have an approval layer, and will immediately be passed to the Bills module on submission.

Start by switching accounts to a user with GRN access. 

Confirm the quantity and click on  

The request has now made it to the Bills module.

1.5 Bills:

Log into a user with access to Bills, and go to the request within the bills module. 

Once again, select an approver and submit by clicking on 

Now, with the approver user, check the bills module and the request

Again, the request can be approved by clicking  or rejected by clicking 

Now, the bill has made it to payments module

1.6 Payments (No Approval layer option):

Since payments module has no approval option, follow the same steps in the no approval path. 

Complete the payment. By clicking  

The approval layers path has been completed. 

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